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Dear Guest,
All our dishes are made with daily fresh and if possible organic products. It may occur that some of our products aren’t available, we thank you for your consideration.

If you have any special requests regarding dietary wishes or allergies, please let us know with the reservation or ask about the possibilities


Our mission…

On behold of everything we like to call ambiance and character and by using pure and honest products in our kitchen we aim to be a class on our own.



-Caprese 2.0, tomato, mozzarella, emulsion of basil, basil powdered ice


-Scallops, razor clam, fennel and Granny Smith apple


-Lightly smoked mackerel, creme of eel, consommé of Cucumber, dried egg yolk


-Lightly smoked salmon with a creme of chickpeas, creme fraiche with tandoori and samphire


-Pigeonbreast, endives, macadamia, sauce of goose liver

-Airy foam of potato, crispy potato, truffle, tea of mushrooms

-Slowly braised veal cheek, onion chutney, crispy fried onion rings

-Slowly braised filet of Dorade, with panfried vegetables with fregola, served with a foam of Parmesan

-Sautéed goose liver with 25 year old
balsamic vinegar
€ 5.- supplement in menu


Compose  your own menu

3-courses       € 37,50

4-courses       € 45.-

5-courses        € 52,50

6-courses        € 59,50

Let our Chef Bert surprise you

Chef’s menu 7-courses € 65.-

Culinary stroll through the menu 9-courses € 77,50

Main Courses


-Different preparations of topinambour with Camembert


-Catch of the Day


-Filet of Deer, with vegetables from the season and a sauce with morels


-Entrecote of dutch milk cow , served with a madeirasauce and grated summer truffle


-Roasted rib of beef with a sauce with puffed garlic
(for two persons or more)
€ 7,50 supplement in menu per person


-Truffle can be served with every course
Supplement summer truffle € 3,50




Vanille Souffle, chocolaté brownie, orange, coffee ice-cream


-Truffle-iceream, merengue, strained yoghurt


-Cheese from Bourgondisch Lifestyle

served with crackers and marmalade

€ 3,50 per cheese



This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary

Every month we will surprise you with a special theme menu

5-courses € 45.-



Our menu’s are composed with great care and the portions adjusted to choice.


Are there any special requests regarding diet or allergies we need to consider, please let us know, we will try to take it into account


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